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African Journal of
Environmental Science and Technology

  • Abbreviation: Afr. J. Environ. Sci. Technol.
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 1996-0786
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJEST
  • Start Year: 2007
  • Published Articles: 1003

Mining the past for a better future of African waters: Historical changes in the fish and fishery of Lake Bam (Burkina Faso) before rehabilitation

December 2020 - Vol 14 Num. 12

Terrestrial waters provide multiple goods and services to human kind, but they have been severely diminished by increasing human exploitation of water and the landscapes surrounding aquatic communities. This research illuminates such dynamics in the recent history of exploitation of the Lake Bam fishery in Burkina Faso....

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Influence of particle size and total organic carbon on heavy metal concentrations in sediments of Lake Baringo, Kenya

December 2020

Koskey J. C., Ogendi G. M., M&#; Erimba C. M. and Tamba C. L.

Spatio-temporal characterization of the physico-chemical quality of groundwater: Case of the Lobo watershed (Centre-west of Côte d'Ivoire)

December 2020

Kamenan Yiwa Monique, Dibi Brou, Eblin Sampah Georges, Konan Kouakou Seraphin, Kouassi Kouakou Lazare and Plagnes Valerie

Mining the past for a better future of African waters: Historical changes in the fish and fishery of Lake Bam (Burkina Faso) before rehabilitation

December 2020

Raymond OUEDRAOGO, Komandan MANO, and Adama OUEDA

Residents’ perception of the effects of soot pollution in Rivers State, Nigeria

December 2020

Mina Whyte, Tamuno-Wari Numbere and Kabari Sam,

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  • /10.5897/AJEST2020.2923
  • Article Number: 1AFA5B465681
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Assessment of the heavy metal - levels in the incinerators bottom-ash from different hospitals in Dares Salaam

November 2020

A. Honest, S. V. Manyele, J. A. Saria and J. Mbuna

September 2014

Removal of azo dye from water by adsorption using waste residue from alum manufacturing process

Haimanot habte, Feleke Zewge and Mesfin Redi

September 2014

Arsenic pollution of surface and subsurface water in Onitsha, Nigeria

A. C. C. Ezeabasili, O. L. Anike, B. U. Okoro and C. M. U-Dominic

September 2014

Sediment and nutrient lost by runoff from two watersheds, Digga district in Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia

Alemayehu Wudneh, Teklu Erkossa and Prhaba Devi

November 2013

Solid waste dumping site suitability analysis using geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing for Bahir Dar Town, North Western Ethiopia

Tirusew Ayisheshim Ebistu and Amare Sewnet Minale

November 2013

Farmers’ perception of the effects of soil and water conservation structures on crop production: The case of Bokole watershed, Southern Ethiopia

Kebede Wolka, Awdenegest Moges and Fantaw Yimer

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  • /10.5897/AJEST2013.1529
  • Article Number: BB9227A41460

January 2008

Exploration and Environmental Exploitation (1908 – 2008)

Prof. Oladele A. Ogunseitan

January 2008

On the matched pairs sign test using bivariate ranked set sampling: an application to environmental issues

Hani M. Samawi, Mohammad F. Al-Saleh and Obaid Al-Saidy

January 2008

Traditional strategies used by pastoralists to cope with la nina induced drought in Kajiado, Kenya

  Mworia, J. K.  and J. I. Kinyamario

January 2008

Growth characteristics of two tropical forest species Warburgia ugandensis and Polyscias fulva seedlings grown under contrasting light conditions

J. I. Kinyamario, T. P. Wang’ombe, J. Wanyondu

August 2007

Discrimination of Scutellospora castanea from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi isolated in TENE primary forest (Centre west Côte d’Ivoire) and detection of repeated DNA sequences from its genome

Adolphe Zézé, Yao Casimir Brou, Diederick Van Tuinen